72 Networks providing alternate sales channel to major electronic, mobile brands

Internet in the Indian market has brought a massive change in the past few years. It has increased the demand for electronic products like mobile phones, laptops, tv, etc. These commodities have rocketed in the country, making India the second-largest consumer market.

Major companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia etc want to reach out to the remotest corners of India. As a majority of the Indian population living in tier-3,4 cities and urban areas are still untapped by these huge brands. It can be a game-changer to them if somehow their products have access to this huge market.

72 Networks , which is a PAN India distribution house specializing in last-mile delivery with special focus on rural areas. Unlike traditional distribution methods used by Amazon and Flipkart, the company relies on cutting edge technology to be the cornerstone for driving businesses. Their primary competitive advantage is their extensive network set up with a “No ODA Concept” to deliver to over 12,000 pin codes in the 14 states across 46 warehouses.

The author is CEO & Co-founder of 72 Networks

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